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Saint Kateri Reliquary Rescued! “The Most Catholic GoFundMe Campaign Ever” -Artur Rosman,
Saint Kateri Tekakwitha Conservation Center
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In February 2016, the Saint Kateri Tekakwitha Conservation Center led a crowdsourcing campaign to rescue an extremely rare Saint Kateri reliquary and 1st-class relic. The reliquary was at risk of appearing for a second time on the open market. Donations were raised to purchase the reliquary using GoFundMe and social media. The reliquary was originally purchased by a private buyer at an auction held for a religious facility that had closed its doors. After learning about the reliquary, the Conservation Center quickly developed the “Rescue Saint Kateri Reliquary!” campaign on GoFundMe, Facebook, Twitter, and other media sites. The goal of the campaign was to acquire the reliquary with the relic inside and return it to the Church for public veneration. The campaign raised $5,000 dollars from 120 people in less than two weeks on GoFundMe. An additional $1,500 was raised by a private donation. A Twitter friend, John Zwicker, created the hashtag #BringKateriHome. The reliquary contains a large 1st-class relic of our beloved Saint Kateri. The reliquary comes with supporting documentation signed and stamped by Édouard-Charles Fabre, Archbishop of Montreal in 1893. The initial donations covered the cost of the reliquary only. The relic inside is priceless, and was acquired as a gift. It is the reliquary, the "container" of the relic, that was purchased at the original buyer’s cost to preserve this precious relic. It is permissible to buy a reliquary to "rescue" a relic inside from mistreatment or other unworthy purposes. The goal of the Saint Kateri Tekakwitha Conservation Center is to protect this sacred relic from desecration and profanation. The Saint Kateri Tekakwitha Conservation Center will present this reliquary to a Catholic shrine, chapel, or church near where Saint Kateri lived for safe keeping and respectful public veneration, as approved. We owe a debt of gratitude to the journalists and media outlets that brought much-needed attention to this unique campaign, especially Adelaide Mena of the Catholic News Agency (CNA) and EWTN News, Artur Rosman of, and Emily Drew of the Amsterdam Recorder. The Saint Kateri Tekakwitha Conservation Center is a Catholic faith-based conservation organization that promotes authentic Catholic teaching on ecology, conserves nature, and protects life. Promoting the veneration of Saint Kateri is critical to our mission. Saint Kateri Tekakwitha is the patroness of people who love nature and work to protect the human and natural ecology. Kateri is the first Native North American saint. Bill Jacobs, president and co-founder of the Saint Kateri Tekakwitha Conservation Center, led the campaign. Donations are still being accepted at GoFundMe to provide for the long-term care and veneration of this sacred relic. We thank everyone involved, and we ask Saint Kateri to pray for us.
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